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  • When leaves are present, the plant is actively growing. Water whenever the soil feels dry. Avoid getting water on the crown of the plant, which could cause it to rot.
  • As the flowers begin to fade, gradually allow the plant to dry out for 2-3 months. It`s going into a dormant stage (see below) and any excess water will cause the tuber to rot.
  • New growth will probably start to appear around September. At this point, resume watering and feeding. Bring it back indoors before the cold weather. A good rule of thumb is to bring it inside while it`s still comfortable with the windows open.

While every effort is made to ensure the product and colour selected will be used, circumstances may arise due to seasonal availability where vase, containers and flower colours and varieties may be substituted with that of the same or higher value and suitability. If the contents vary dramatically the customer will be notified for permission to substitute.